©2018 Mahoning Valley Water Inc.  WATER SOFTENING SOFT WATER BENEFITS      Water falling to the earth as rain is water in it's purest form.  As it filters down through the earth, it absorbs the hardness minerals - calcium and magnesium.  Just how hard the water becomes depends on how much calcium and magnesium is dissolved.  While the degree of water hardness varies in different parts of the country, the main thing to remember is that 85% of American homes is affected by hard water.   APPLIANCES AND FIXTURES      Hard  water decreases the life expectancy of your water using appliances.  The life of your washing machine or dishwasher may decrease as much as 30%, your hot water tank 50%, faucets by 40% and toilet flushing units by 70%.  Hard water can contribute to the build-up of a layer of insulation between the water and the heat source in your hot water tank.  21.68% more energy is consumed by electric water heaters operated on hard water and 29.57% more energy is consumed by gas water heaters.  1/8 inch scale means 33% more fuel is required to heat the water.      A water softener will save you money by allowing your appliances and fixtures to operate more efficiently and last longer by removing the scale forming minerals that can shorten their lifespan. LAUNDRY AND CLEANING      Somewhere between $0.17 and $0.21 of every dollar spent at the supermarket is spent for a cleaning product.  If your monthly grocery bill is $400.00, your monthly cleaning bill is between $66.25 and $81.05.  A water softener can reduce that by 40 - 50 percent.      A study by Purdue University comparing hard and soft water for laundry use determined that using soft water resulted in: Superior cleaning results with soap and detergents Shorter washing time Elimination of the need to re-rinse washed items Reduces the use of bleach, detergent and other additives Increased wear life