©2018 Mahoning Valley Water Inc.  Water Conservation Part II      Our last issue addressed water conservation and what it means.  This issue will give us some practical ways to conserve our water without causing any major discomfort or drastic changes in our habits. Bathroom Toilets      Toilets use almost half of the daily water we use each day.  If you do not have a low-flush toilet installed, each flush can use 5 - 7 gallons of water.  Try the following ideas for conserving toilet water usage: Fix all toilet leaks. Your toilet is not a wastebasket-don't use it to flush cigarette butts or tissues. Don't let young children flush repeatedly just to "watch the water go down". Consider installing a dual flush adapter on your toilets.  These devices flush less water after urination than after fecal elimination.  They are easy to install and generally cost about $10- $15. Weigh a plastic jug with marbles or stones and place in the back of your toilet tank.  They will not disintegrate (as bricks will), they cost almost nothing, and they will save a gallon or more of water with each flush. Bathing      Most of us believe that showering uses less water than bathing.  That's only true if we limit shower time to less than 4 minutes.  One way to find out which is the most efficient for you (if you have the choice) is to stopper the tub while you're showering.  If the water level is lower than when you bathe, you have made a good choice.  If the level is higher, then bathing would be more efficient.  The simple practice of turning off the shower while you lather up and turning it on only to rinse, can conserve 10 - 25 gallons of water, and save you money on your water and energy costs.  Other tips for the shower or bath include: Turn on the hot water tap first and then when it is hot, add the cold water. Scrub with a washcloth, loofah, or sisal mitt, instead of relying on water pressure to remove dirt. Set an alarm clock for five minutes or less to limit your shower time. Fill the tub only one-quarter full before you get in.  This should be enough to float a child's toy. Turn the faucets all the way off.  Dripping faucets waste a tremendous amount of water. Bathroom Sink      The bathroom sink is another place to conserve water.  We can waster as much as 30 gallons of water per day by just letting the water run while we wash our hands and faces, shave and brush our teeth.  For instance: If you turn the water off while shaving, you will save 2 - 4 gallons of water. An electric shave uses less energy than it takes to heat up the water for razor shaving. You can save approximately 2 gallons of water by turning the water off while you brush your teeth, and rinsing with a glass of water. MAHONING VALLEY WATER