©2018 Mahoning Valley Water Inc.  SANITIZING PROCEDURE FOR REVERSE OSMOSIS MUNICIPAL AND WELL WATER SYSTEMS      Turn off the feed water to the RO system.      Drain the storage tank completely – check the air pressure (6 – 9 lbs air).        Remove used filters and discard.  Clean the filter housings with hot soapy      water and rinse well.      Add 30 – 40 drops of bleach to the sediment (pre- filter) housing and 5 – 10      drops to the carbon post-filter housing.      Attach the filter housings without the filters.        Turn the feed water back on.        Allow the storage tank to fill and let it sit unused for at least 1 hour.        Turn on the RO faucet and drain the tank completely.        Turn off the feed water and put new filters in the housings.        Turn the feed water back on and allow the tank to refill as normal.         40 drops = ¾ teaspoon = 3.8 ml      1 gallon = 4262 ml      52500 / 4262 = 12.3 ppm      12.3  x 3.8 = 47 ppm MAHONING VALLEY WATER