©2018 Mahoning Valley Water Inc.  Reverse Osmosis Filter Change Procedure I.   DE-PRESSURIZE SYSTEM       A.  Turn Off Feed Line Supply at Feed Line Connection Point.          1.  If Gray Plastic Tee Fitting, turn shutoff lever to "off position" (perpendicular to direction of flow in tubing).          2.  If older Needle Tap Fitting, turn valve handle clockwise until flow stops.  Be careful not to snap off handle.      B.  Turn Off Tank Shutoff Valve located at top of Tank.            1.  Turn shutoff lever to "off position" (perpendicular to               direction of flow in tubing).        C.  Open Spigot at Sink until Flow Ceases.           1.  A small amount of water only will flow from spigot.         2.  Close spigot after flow ceases.    II. CHANGE SEDIMENT FILTER        A.  Twist Sediment Canister to the Left and Unthread.           1.  Sediment Filter will be the Canister where the feed line              connection is attached.  In newer models, the canister will              be clear plastic.         2.  A Filter Wrench may be necessary if the canister was              over tightened previously (i.e. O - Ring worn but not              replaced necessitating over tightening to stop leakage).        B.  Remove Internal Filter and Discard.        C.  Clean & Rinse Canister thoroughly.           1.  Every other filter change, disinfect canister by adding 1tsp of              normal household bleach (5.25 % Sodium Hypochlorite,              unscented only), filling the canister with water and              allowing to stand for 20 minutes.        D.  Check Canister O - Ring and replace if necessary.           1.  Do not lubricate O - Ring with Vaseline or other petroleum              based products.  Use silicone based lubricant only.        E.  Insert 5 Micron Poly Spun 9 3/4" Sediment Filter into           Canister.         1.  There is no direction of flow.  Sediment Filter can be              placed in either North/South or South/North orientation.        F.  Replace Canister by attaching to Head and turning to the right           until firmly hand tight.   III.  CHANGE CARBON FILTERS        A.  Follow the same procedure as with the Sediment Filter above.        B.  After locating the Sediment Filter, the Carbon Filter(s) will           be the remaining vertical canister(s) ...(one if a well RO,           two if a city RO).      IV.   RE-PRESSURIZE THE SYSTEM        A.  Open Tank Shutoff Lever (parallel to water flow in tubing).        B.  Open Feed Line Connection - reverse of Section I. above.        C.  Check Canisters for Leaks - tighten further as necessary.     V.    FLUSH THE SYSTEM       A.   Carbon "fines" will appear in the first flows of water passing through the Carbon Filters.  They may make the water black or gray in appearance for the first gallon or two.  They are harmless but must be flushed when changing carbon filters.           1. Open Spigot - empty existing tank.  When tank is empty, close              spigot and allow tank to refill.  Tank will refill in approximately 2               hours.            2. Repeat Step 1 - after tank refills a second time, carbon fines will              be flushed. MAHONING VALLEY WATER