©2018 Mahoning Valley Water Inc.  VESTA SOFTENERS TWIN-TANK SOFTENER SYSTEM      A Vesta Twin Tank water softener monitors your daily water usage and regenerates only when necessary.  Regeneration is based on your actual water usage and regenerates at any time of the day or night.  This saves you salt, water and money.  The twin-tank design means you always have a continuous supply of soft water, even during the regeneration process.  While the one tank is in service, the opposite tank regenerates, giving you all the advantages of continuous soft water.                    SINGLE SOFTENER SYSTEM      Each Vesta Water Conditioner is designed to specifically address the water quality issues that are unique to your home providing your family with outstanding water.  The very best components, features and state-of-the-art design go into every system providing you with years of high quality, conditioned water. STANDARD FEATURES ON ALL VESTA WATER SOFTENERS:   Visual low salt alarm alerts when it’s time to add salt to the system Water use is monitored for peak efficiency Built in backup of settings during power outages Regenerates only when necessary saving salt and water Simple diagnostics and design provide for easy maintenance Exclusive, high quality, chlorine resistant media bed for years of continuous service Uniform bead size and distribution for optimal flow rates Vesta plate style distribution system delivers evenly distributed and high quality flows Large surface area of plate yields lower pressure drop over time High quality, durable brine tank construction Safety float system helps prevent overflow of the brine tank Larger brine tank sizes available in black