©2018 Mahoning Valley Water Inc.  Living Water      Water flows through your body from birth to death.  Without it, you could not see, move, breathe, or live.          You are a living body of water!  Almost 70% of your body is water.  An average 150 lb. man contains about 49 quarts of water.  Without water, you could die in three days.      As you read this, your body is continually losing the vital water that gives you life.  You lose about a gallon of water daily.  All of the water in your body is replaced every five to ten days.           Water is lost with every breath you take.  You exhale about two cups if water per day.  Your body uses about 250 gallons of water a year to maintain its health and life.  Water is essential for all your chemical, biological and mechanical functions.      Daily digestion requires about six quarts of water.  Your salivary glands use about two pints.  The kidneys excrete about two quarts of water a day.  Your joints need water to cushion and protect them against injuries.  Muscles need water to perform and maintain tone.  Tiny ducts lubricate your eyes 25 times every minute.  Without water you could not cry or see.      Scientists estimate that you will drink about 16,000 gallons of water in your lifetime.  Your body's health is threatened if the water you drink contains contaminants.      So you see, you are truly a living body of water.  It's up to you to make sure the water you and your family drink is pure.  It is one of the most vital factors contributing to your health and life. Reprinted from WaterWisdom™, Spring 1994, a Water Wise, Inc. publication. MAHONING VALLEY WATER