©2018 Mahoning Valley Water Inc.  How To Disinfect Your Well 5.  Put your treatment equipment and reverse osmosis system into bypass, then open each hot and cold faucet in the house and let the water run until you can smell the chlorine bleach.  Include shower-heads, dishwashers, clothes washers, laundry tubs, and flush toilets.  When the hot water faucets run lukewarm to cold, the water in the hot water tank should be completely chlorinated.  6.  Allow the chlorinated water to set in the lines for 8—12 hours.  7.  Remove any faucet screens and aerators, then open each faucet until the chlorine smell is gone.  Again, the hot water tank should be allowed to run cold to completely remove the chlorine from the tank.  Don’t forget the outside faucets, as well.  You may notice that the water will run dirty at first, but it should clear up after a short while.   8.  Put your treatment equipment and reverse osmosis systems back into service.  Disinfect your softener by adding 1/4 cup of bleach directly into the brine well (do this again after 3 days for twin tank softening systems). 1.  Remove the well cap or the vent pipe or plug if the well is equipped with a sanitary well seal.   If your well cap does not fit tightly, purchase a replacement cap at this time. 2. Pour the required gallons of household bleach (5.25% or 6%    sodium hypochlorite)  directly into the well.  DO NOT use scented bleach.  See chart for appropriate amount. 3.  Connect a hose to an outdoor spigot and run water down the wellhead.  Recirculate for 20 minutes after chlorine is detected.  Be sure to spray down the sides of the well casing while recirculating the water.  Do not use the water in the house or building during this time. 4.  After recirculating, run the water from the hose to a drainage ditch until the water runs nearly clear and still has a definite chlorine smell.  The water will likely run ‘dirty’ for a period of time.  If a distinct chlorine smell is not present after the water runs nearly clear, add an additional 1/2 to one gallon of bleach until the smell returns.  Shut off the hose at this point and replace the well cap. Amounts of 5.25% or 6% chlorine for a 200 ppm chlorine shock Well Depth                           0-50 ft      50 - 100 ft       100 - 200 ft          200 - 300 ft         300 - 400 ft      400 - 500 ft Casing Diameter 4-6 inch   1 quart       2 quarts           1 gallon             1 1/2 gallons       2 gallons          3 gallons 6-8 inch   2 quarts     1 gallon            3 gallons           4 gallons            5 gallons           8 gallons MAHONING VALLEY WATER