©2018 Mahoning Valley Water Inc.  CHLORINE DISINFECTION SYSTEMS Best Chlorination System      Our "Best" model chlorination system consists of a 120 gallon WellMate™ retention tank, Stenner peristaltic pump, and twin-tank carbon filter.  The retention tank is environmentally safe and 100% lead-free. Other features include: 100% non-metallic polymer materials Impervious to chemical attack Seamless, one-piece inner shell of NSF listed polyethylene No vulnerable interior tank coating Strong as steel, up to half the weight 75 psig operating pressure 1-1/4" NPT connections top and bottom        The Stenner peristaltic feed pump is made of tough, high strength polycarbonate plastic which is highly resistant to most corrosive chemicals and is self-priming.  Other features include: Completely self-priming, can operate dry Will not clog from dirt and minor debris Will not lose prime from air bubbles or hydrogen peroxide gassing Can pump against pressures of up to 100 PSI Safer to use because chemicals are not exposed to air or moving parts Vertical or horizontal mounting           Our twin-tank carbon filter is a demand based, immediate regeneration system which provides an uninterrupted supply of treated water 24 hours a day.   Because it cleans itself using treated water, its filtering capabilities are superb.  Our high-density carbon will remove chlorine, tastes, odors and dissolved organic chemicals. Better Chlorination System           Our "Better" model chlorination systems consists of the WellMate™ 120 gallon retention tank, the Stenner peristaltic metering pump and the Clack electronic carbon filter valve.  This high performance electronic meter valve handles high flow rates.  The valve has five cycles that are all independently adjustable and utilizes the highly efficient counter-current regeneration.  The solid state microprocessor with LED display shows time of day, remaining capacity, regeneration cycle in process and has a memory backup.  System also has a built-in “leak detector” to warn of household water loss. Good Chlorination System      Our "Good" model chlorination system consists of the 120 gallon WellMate™ retention tank, the 5600 control valve and Chemtech diaphragm metering pump.  The pump is lightweight, heavy-duty and fully adjustable.  Maximum output 6 to 30 gallons per day.  The 5600 seven cycle control valve is made of rugged glass-reinforced Noryl and is efficient and reliable.  It can handle flow rates up to 20 GPM.