©2018 Mahoning Valley Water Inc.  Chlorinating Hot Water Tanks   Before performing any maintenance on your hot water tank, you should always follow the tank manufacturers' specific recommendations. 1.  Turn off the manual electric switch or shut off the main gas supply to the tank. 2.  Close the cold water inlet valve to the tank. 3.  Open a nearby hot water faucet and open the temperature & relief (T&P) valve (normally a copper line running down the outside of the tank). 4.  Drain the hot water tank of enough hot water to compensate for the bleach.  Use a hose connected to the drain valve if an open drain is not adjacent to the hot water tank. 5.  To put bleach into the tank, either:      a)  Remove the T&P relief valve      b)  Remove the Anode Rod or Anode Rod plug      c)  Disconnect the hot water outlet pipe      d)  Utilize an in-line cartridge filter if available - remove the cartridge from                the canister and pour the bleach into the sump 6.  Pour 1 gallon of regular household bleach (5.25% or 6%) for every 30 gallons of hot water tank capacity.  Do not use scented forms of bleach (i.e. lemon scent).  When complete, re-pipe the hot water tank, close the T&P valve, or replace the anode rod plug (depending on option chosen in 5 above). 7.  Open the cold water inlet valve to refill the tank with water.  Open a near-by hot water faucet until water runs from that faucet.  Close the inlet valve at that time (air is purged). 8.  Leave the bleach mixture in the hot water tank for one hour. 9.  After one hour, open all the hot water faucets in the house and allow the bleach mixture to clean the hot water supply pipes.  Drain the remaining bleach mixture from the tank through the tank drain valve. 10.  Close the tank drain valve, make sure the cold water inlet valve is open, and completely fill the tank with fresh water.  Leave the water in the tank for 15 minutes. 11.  After 15 minutes, purge the hot water supply lines and drain the water from the tank as in #9 above.  Refill the tank with fresh water again. 12.  Purge all the air from the hot water lines.  Close the faucet after all the air is out of the system. 13.  Check for leaks. 14.  Turn on the manual electrical switch or gas vale from #1 above. MAHONING VALLEY WATER