©2018 Mahoning Valley Water Inc.  BOTTLED WATER, & COOLERS SODIUM FREE SPRING WATER Processed by Reverse Osmosis for the Highest Purity    5 Gallon Bottles    $5.75 Delivered*     $4.90 Pick-up    $7.00 Refundable Deposit per Bottle              3 Bottle Minimum Delivery              *Call for quantity pricing              3 Gallon Bottles                           $5.25 Delivered*              $4.25 Pick-up              $7.00 Refundable Deposit per Bottle              3 Bottle Minimum Deliver              *Call for quantity pricing                          1 Gallon Bottles                $2.50 Delivered                $1.65 Pickup                4 Bottle Minimum Delivery                                                       20oz Bottles               $1.00 per Bottle               $9.90 per Case of 24               $11.10 per Case Delivered               3 Case Minimum Delivery               (unless delivered with large bottles) Water Delivery Schedule MONDAY TUESDAY WEDNESDAY FRIDAY BOTTLED WATER COOLERS       The "Classic" style features a contoured, one-piece plastic cabinet that resists cracking, fading and yellowing.  Maintenance is kept simple with easy to clean stainless steel reservoir and removable drip tray.  All of our coolers come with the "Watersafe" no spill feature, which means no more spilling water over the floor when you put on a new bottle or if you have to take the bottle off.   Cooler Rental & Purchase Room & Cold $7.95 per month plus tax Hot & Cold $11.95 per month plus tax Prepaid Rental Discount MAHONING VALLEY WATER 11379 South Avenue Extension North Lima, OH 44452 MAHONING VALLEY WATER