©2018 Mahoning Valley Water Inc.  WATER TREATMENT ACCESSORIES WATER SOFTENER SALT        Water softener salt comes in many forms.  Pelletized salt, block salt, rock salt, and cubed salt are some common varieties.  The two most important considerations when choosing softener salt are purity and price, because no matter what shape or form the salt comes in, a gallon of water will only dissolve 2.85 pounds of salt.    For a water softener, the purity should always be 99.5% pure or higher.  Check the bag or ask your water conditioning dealer. Pick Up      Quantity                       Price Per Bag                       Pallet Pricing                                                                                      63 bags per pallet             40 lb Cubed                            $5.79                      5% discount           40 lb Rust-Out                  $7.09                           5% discount           40 lb Extra Coarse                  $5.59                       5% discount           50 lb Safety Salt                  $7.99                              n/a Delivery Pricing              1-10 Bags 40 lb Extra Coarse                        $ 9.25 per bag              1-10 Bags 40 lb Cubed                                  $10.25 per bag              1-10 Bags 40 lb Rust-Out                              $11.25 per bag              Over 10 Bags 40 lb Extra Coarse                   $8.25 per bag              Over 10 Bags 40 lb Cubed                          $9.25 per bag              Over 10 Bags 40 lb Rust-Out                        $10.25 per bag Saturday Salt Sale                40 lb Extra Coarse                                     $5.09 per bag                40 lb Cubed                                                $5.29 per bag                40 lb Rust-Out                                                $6.39 per bag                50 lb Safety Salt                                               n/a CHEMICALS AND CLEANERS      Potassium Permanganate is used to regenerate iron/sulphur oxidizing filters.  When potassium permanganate is added to the solution tank, it should be a deep purple color.  When the color lightens to pink, more potassium permanganate needs added.      Chlorine comes in two forms - liquid and dry pellet.  The most popular form is liquid household bleach which is 5.25% sodium hypochlorite.  This form of chlorine is mostly used for in-home chlorination systems and may be purchased at any grocery store.  The next strength of liquid chlorine is 12.5% sodium hypochlorite.  We stock this in gallon containers.  The dry pellet form of chlorine is 70% sodium hypochlorite and is used for well- head chlorinators or periodic well chlorination.  We stock 3.5 lb and 10 lb containers.      Hydrogen Peroxide liquid in 1 gallon container.  Used for disinfection systems.      Res-Up automatic liquid resin cleaner.  The feeder is mounted in the brine tank and feeds a continuous solution of Res-Up cleaner into the brine tank.  This solution then cleans the resin every time the softener regenerates.      Sodium Bisulfite resin cleaner is usually used when only occasional resin cleaning is needed.  The powder is dissolved in water and poured into the brine well.  The softener should then be immediately regenerated.  This cleaner can also be used in the laundry and for cleaning tubs and sinks.      Pro-Softener Mate is a unique blend of environmentally friendly chemicals formulated to remove limited iron, manganese, metal particles, and organic compounds that cause water softeners to lose efficiency.      Pro-Liquid Rust Out is an easy way to remove rust and iron stains.  Easily cleans stains from tubs, sinks, tile, toilets, brick, stone, concrete, siding, etc.  It is also a safe, effective way to remove stains from white and colorfast clothing and carpet.      Pro-Tub & Tile is a non-abrasive, fast-acting liquid which is formulated to dissolve lime, rust, soap, and other crusty build-up caused by minerals found in water.  The thick liquid breaks down stains and deposits which can then be easily brushed and rinsed away.      Pro-Poly is used to sequester iron and manganese to reduce iron staining and scale build-up in potable water and irrigation systems and to help prevent or retard corrosion throughout the water system.  We stock 5 lb containers.      Citric Acid is used to lower the pH of the water and to remove hardness build-up.  It comes in a 4 lb container. Replacement Filters, Membranes, and Housings  Reverse Osmosis Membranes      We stock 35 and 50 gallon per day thin film composite (TFC) membranes for residential reverse osmosis units.  Other types and sizes for residential and commercial units may be special ordered. Sediment Filters      For particle filtration in drink water, use only a filter rated at 5 microns or less.  Filters are available in 10 and 20 inch standard sizes.  Block paper, pleated, and spiral wound string filters are used for sediment filtration (20 micron). Carbon Filters      For removal of chlorine and certain organics generally affecting taste and odor.  Granular carbon in 10 and 20 inch standard sizes are carried in stock.  We use only the highest grade carbons in our cartridge filters. In-line Filters      Self contained in-line filters (throwaways) for use in ice machines, humidifiers, etc. are in stock.  The different types are sediment, carbon, polyphosphate, and lead. Sand Separator      For removal of dirt and sediment.  Manual backwashing feature. Housings      Residential Filter Housings come in industry standard 10 and 20 inch lengths.  Housings are made from food grade polypropylene and come in blue, white or clear tones.      Big Blue Housings are high flow cartridges with 3/4" inlet/outlet.  These filters are placed on main plumbing lines and are used to trap low levels of sediment and particulate matter. Miscellaneous Products      We stock a wide variety of filter media, resins and parts.  Some of the products available are: Media Standard Hi-Capacity Resin Fine Mesh Hi-Capacity Resin Manganese Greensand Granular Activated Carbon Filter Ag Calcite Corosex Filter Sand Filter Gravel Garnet Birm Pyrolox Replacement Parts Mounting Brackets "O" Rings Tubing Screens Injectors Pistons Timer Motors Seals and Spacers Miscellaneous Fittings MAHONING VALLEY WATER